Organism of training, from problematic subjects, we analyze and design pedagogical programs adapted to your situation. We create tailor-made training sessions and train your teams on different themes such as :

  • Development and improvement of the profitability of the automotive after-sale
  • New automotive retail models and customer experience
  • Use of the new digital tools
  • Personalized coaching of managers
  • Manager coach posture
  • Team performance
  • Body and paint (steel and multi-material)
  • Windshield

We take care to guarantee access to all your teams.
Like all employees, employees (and more broadly all people) with disabilities must be able to benefit from training actions. As a training organization, we must, at our level, support these people as much as we can.
In face-to-face training , we only select rooms accessible to people with reduced mobility and our trainers, if necessary :

  • Help, as far as possible, the person (at his request or with his agreement) in his movements ;
  • will fill in his place, on the basis of his own answers of course, the multiple choice questions and evaluations, and sign the sign-in sheet.

If we are unable to respond to a request, we will direct the person to specialized organizations such as AGEFIPH.


Please feel free to contact us for any request :
• Via the contact page of our website;
• On the email address: