Our regionalized team leads and carries out audits of your specifications with your points of sale to establish a photo of your network at a given time.

Audit standards

To verify that the image of each of your points of sale is consistent with the standards required by your brand, we visit your network in order to inspect each element and thus be able to give you a detailed report.

Conformity assistance / Preparation for regulatory audits

For the acquisition of a certification, a label and some either your industry, we accompany you organizationally in order to achieve the objectives set. Our listeners, with multi-sector experience, will guide you until you raise the requirements of the specifications.

Audit incentive

We also realise audits on documentary, on frame which are subject to a financial help by the constructor for the sale, in order to check the good application of sales policy for the payment of incentives to the network.

Reporting tools

To support their audit campaign, we offer our clients a dedicated tool to monitor the progress of audits as they are carried out. This tool is dedicated to our activity with real-time consolidation, a view by site for its action plan and a management of the network head end..