The audit, carried out by an independent third party, is an essential tool for enabling a network head to ensure the consistency of the service provided and the respect of its image and its Brand.

The audit makes it possible to manage a network through an analysis based on objective criteria and to highlight areas for improvement in line with its strategy. The audit also makes it possible, within the framework of subcontracted processes, to verify the correct application of a benchmark with the objective of approving a network of certified partners in accordance with a Brand label.

Our regionalised and experienced team conducts and carries out, after an in-depth study of your specifications, the audits in accordance with your requirements. Some of our auditors are IRCA accredited, which makes it possible to combine an approach of the means implemented (ISO approach) and the results obtained.

Our Rese @ ureport tool, accessible in online / offline mode, allows you to manage and monitor your objectives and action plans in real time.

We have also developed an innovative remote audit methodology that allows us to ensure a permanent vision of the “corporate” and to manage sales and marketing KPIs objectively.


Drafting of standards - specifications - labels

First and foremost, before moving on to conducting audit assignments, it is essential that the specifications be as precise and objective as possible so that the criteria defined do not include any point of interpretation.

Our project team, experienced and coming for a large part from certification bodies, has acquired the methodology for drafting specifications.

Based on existing specifications, we can assist you in defining your criteria in order to make them operational and measurable.

We are also partners of professional federations for the writing of labels and standards.


Face-to-face audits

Standards-labels audit

Once the specifications have been established, our team is trained according to your requirements.
In order to verify that the image of each of your points of sale is indeed consistent with the standards required by your brand, we visit your network in order to inspect each element and thus be able to provide you with a detailed reporting of the ‘existing.

Incentive audit (commercial operations)

We also carry out documentary audits of chassis files that have been the subject of manufacturer assistance for the sale (takeovers, corporate, etc.), in order to verify the correct application of commercial policies for the payment of incentives to the network

Guarantee audit

We carry out warranty audits to verify the correct conformity of the campaign processes initiated by the brand in order to validate the payments made by the manufacturer.

Audit Showroom

We validate the network vehicle exhibition policy in your various exhibition halls (showroom policy).

Remote audit

We have developed with a partner a remote audit methodology for points of sale. This Eco-Responsible methodology does not apply to the verification of all standards (including process) but focuses on compliance with standards of representativeness and attendance.

This new, innovative methodology to be built with the network head makes it possible in particular to ensure a permanent vision of the brand image, compliance with norms and standards, but also to measure the progress of the site periodically. It also makes it possible to measure the attendance rate and identify customer profiles in order to bring them closer to sales and marketing KPIs.