Management of information systems

Management des systèmes d'information


In a constantly changing society, the evolution of information systems is more than necessary to remain competitive and accelerate the development of your business.
Reseaulution has developed an offer based on all issues related to data flows between the various information systems (Dealer Management System, internal IS, data analysis tools) and focused on its business knowledge.

Defining and specifying your needs with you is our priority. Thus, the firm intervenes on the MOA of your project.
We act as Product Owner, project manager or privileged interlocutor of information systems because we master both internal and external tools (DMS). In this way, we can make the link between so-called “business” services and so-called “information technology” services.

To support the evolutions, changes and transformations of your networks, Reseaulution sets up tutorials, webinars, e-learning or face-to-face and remote training or any other personalized solution.

In addition, we are also working on the processing and analysis of the data in order to provide the most relevant KPIs (indicators) to drive the activity.